New art prints from Josephine Bell now in gallery


The types of frames we offer range from contemporary box frames, traditional gilt frames in both silver and gold, rustic and distressed styles and a large selection of bare wood mouldings.

These bare woods – oak, ash, pine or obeche – offer almost limitless possibilities by themselves as they can be waxed, limewaxed, stained, painted or whitewashed to suit.

Moulding profiles can be wide, tall, flat, shallow, simple or ornate. With around 200 hand picked choices in our workshop, we feel confident that we can find something suitable for each job. And on top of these, we are always happy to scour the catalogs of our trade suppliers for just “that perfect one”.

As we work with both pre-finished and hand finished mouldings we are able to cater not only for a wide variety of artistic requirements, but also for every budget.


The framing techniques we employ are determined by both the artwork itself and of course, the client’s preference. We strive to frame artworks with gentle conservation, but also strong presentation in mind.


We only ever use acid free tapes, glues and mount board to frame works of art.