Closed 11th and 12th July


We stock three types of glass: regular float, non-reflective and UV glass.

Regular float glass is suitable for all kinds of general framing. Should the artwork, however, require greater protection and / or is likely to be exposed to direct sunlight, we recommend UV glass. This specialist coated glass has nearly no colour shift and looks almost like regular float glass, but offers 99% UV protection. Thirdly, we stock anti-reflective glass, which combined with a UV filter is often described as museum glass.

On occasion acrylic glass might be preferable or even necessary to substitute regular glass. Often referred to as perspex, it is lightweight and does not break, so is particularly suitable for very large frames as well as pictures displayed in public spaces that might be subjected to knocks.

We also stock mirror glass and can create complete, ready to hang framed mirrors from our selection of mouldings.