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Although works of art are regularly framed as “straight ins”, ie. without any mount at all, a sympathetic mount can both visually enhance and extend an artwork’s longevity.

 We offer both standard mountboard, which is acid free, cost effective and comes in many different colour, and museum quality mountboard, which is completely alkaline (non acidic) and will preserve a piece at the best possible level. These museum quality mountboards are made of cotton rag and come in a more limited range of whites and ivories.

 We cut window mounts featuring single or multiple windows. We can also float mount items sitting them on top of the mountboard either flush or slightly raised off to cast a shadow. We can create double (triple etc.) mounts, two mounts layered on top of each other, and add a variety of mount decorations such as ink and wash lines and V-grooves (decoration cut into the mount itself).